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Reiki Attunments

Reiki Attunements are the first step onto your Spiritual path of Healing, Attunements can be either be done here at the Aurora therapy centre or at your home, alternatively attunements can be done distantly known as remote attunements, the levels are Reiki 1 - Reiki 2 - Reiki 3 - Master Teacher.

If you decide to use the attunements to be a Healing Practitioner Insurance and a Membership to a relevant Governing body to monitor your practice and your professional standards will be required, although not everyone wants to be a practitioner they just want to heal themselves or there Animals and Pets.

Becoming a Reiki healer is very special time in your life and will change your life Spiritually Emotionally and Physically we always suggest easy reading of appropriate Reiki books to start you on your path of healing, Attunements are performed by Martin (Reiki Grand Master level 8.)

The centre offers a variety of Attunement packages and covers various healing Modalities:

Please telephone our centre and speak to Martin or Delilah who will assist you with your enquiries, Attunements are Certificated and are traced by a linage line to Master Sensei Usui Mikao with all Certificates being printed and signed personally not photo copied or emailed.

Reiki: will heal your self your Pets, friends plants food and water it can be used on anything and any situation it heals past present and future, Once attuned to Reiki sensations in your hands are heat or cool hands tingling sensations. Reiki will help heal all illnesses including arthritis aches and pains, migraine, backache to name just a few.

Typical Reiki session lasts around 1 hour depending on the individual, feel free to contact us for more information.

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