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Reiki for Animals

Reiki is Universal Energy which is tapped into by the reiki practitioner, its wonderful calming relaxing healing is absorbed by the client bringing relief often when no other remedies have worked.

It is a well known method of Holistic health care and is used throughout the world, its use on people is well documented and is utilised in numerous clinics, hospitals and hospices.

However, when used on animals it is even better because our animal friends do not generally have as much neurotic hang ups as we do and they soak up the Energy like a sponge. Animals know what is good for them and when they are not feeling well they will snuggle up to any Reiki practitioner who is available.

Reiki is totally safe and it can be given at a distance or "hands on" depending on the animal- the animal chooses every time. It can be adapted to any problem that affects animals.

With Reiki, animals do not have to be confined or restrained to be treated. The animal retains a large degree of control over how much Reiki they will take and under what circumstances,they become an active and willing partner in the healing process.

Distance Healing is highly effective with your animal receiving all the benefits from the comfort of their own surroundings wherever you are. As Reiki is pure energy it isn't subject to the limitations of time or space. It can and does travel across a room or to the other side of the world or to wherever directed by the practitioner.

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