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Past Life Regression.

Read Case studies kindly agreed to by some of our clients

Past Life Regression Therapy is reaching into those memory banks to recapture the events of past lifetimes. The Therapy can work on many problems that people suffer with in their present life, it can help Physical ailments, Stress problems, and emotional problems. Sometimes we carry trauma, negativity or unresolved issues from a previous life. We may continue to suffer patterns of behaviour which manifest into symptoms in this present life,problems can be solved and healing takes place by learning the lessons of our pastlife. Often unexplained fears and phobias can be traced back to events in our past lives such as a fear of water when you have drowned in a past life, or an eating disorder linked to times of starvation.

A Past Life Regression session can uncover why we have problems with certain people in our lives. You have people around you in your current life that you have known before, imagine being able to discover what happened and what your relationship was to them at that time? You can clear blocks that plague you in your current time and even discover talents and bring them into your present time.

During a Past Life Regression session you go back to the life you most need to know about in your present time. This can explain a great deal about your present life and help you to move forward with a greater understanding of yourself, your life and the people around you.

Past Life Regression can help with Difficult Situations and Relationships.

In my work as a Past Life Regression therapist, I often have people who come to me and say they feel "stuck" in their lives. They often experience, recurring difficult relationships. They cannot seem to move forward with their lives and constantly encounter people and situations that cause them grief and unhappiness.

Before incarnating on the Earth plane we make a life plan, this is to plan to attract certain people and life experiences that are valuable in enabling us to grow and evolve. Often these experiences are difficult and painful but are the very thing we need to go through to help us expand our consciousness and understanding. Many "old souls" choose to incarnate into difficult family relationships in order to learn lessons and experiences early on in that lifetime in order to go on to complete their soul's purpose of that incarnation.

However, our life plan is not set in stone, rather they are a fluid directional path of experience, into which we can incorporate our free will and intuition.

Looking back on our life, we find that many people who although were important to us at one time, have drifted out of our life. We may have decided to go on our separate life's path and have naturally drifted apart. Now absent from our lives, there is no resentment, we may think of them from time to time but there is no attachment.

However the relationships we encounter where there is conflict, anger, jealousy or violence can, even after the relationship has dissolved , leave us with resentment and bitterness...... These relationships affect our lives now....They drain our energy and keep us in the past, stopping us from moving forward in the present. If in a past life we encountered a relationship that was difficult, that caused pain, physically or emotionally or may have even caused our death.... We will then carry a karmic link that will cause us to experience similar situations or people in our present life. By learning the lessons that difficult situations or relationships present to us ....we can then cut the karmic ties that bind us!!!

Emotional warfare exhausts the heart and wearies the Soul, building barriers around the heart causing it to become impenetrable over time. Hatred bitterness and resentment are Soul destroying emotions that keeps a Soul from evolving and moving forward to the next stage.

A healing must take place....but how can we heal if we cannot forgive?

Using Past Life Regression to go back to the person or situation that caused you harm... or even if it was you that did harm to another, will give you understanding and acceptance. Acceptance although not the same as forgiveness allows us to release attachment to the idea that the person or situation is just what it is. Then if we are ready to , we can forgive that person/situation or even forgive ourselves if needed.

Forgiveness ends our karmic link to them. It is like a death...and from death comes rebirth!!

For more information see What to Expect During a Past Life Regression Session.

Read Case studies kindly agreed to by some of our clients

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